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Introduction to Green Movement

Course Type: Elective
Credits: 3

Empire State Building Goes Green LEED Gold, Re-Use Hawaii, Google Search for Green Buildings, National Association of Realtors commitment to green movement, NAR Green Designation and courses offered, United States Green Building Council and the Hawaii Chapter. The Green Building Revolution, Wingspread Principles on Global Warming, Origins of the Green Revolution, LEED system, Drivers for Green Buildings, Wikipedia on Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. History of Energy Star, About Energy Star, HERS Rating. National Association of Realtorís Tip for Conservation, Common Pollutants, Sources and Steps to Reduce Exposure, What makes a Product Green?, Website Resource List

This course is not currently being offered, please check back later.

Please note:The REC has a new ruling that agents can take the same CE class every other biennium which is different from the old law that stated that agents could never repeat the same class.
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