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J-Biz Protocol

Course Type: Elective
Credits: 3

Instructor: Ken Kiyohara, MA, MBA

"J-Biz Protocol" is conducted in English.

This course is conducted in English for non-­‐‑Japanese real estate professionals who are not familiar with Japanese style of business practices,communication and manners.
The information and exercises are customized to improve communication and client relationship management skills of non-­‐‑Japanese real estate professionals with their Japanese-­‐‑speaking counterparts and clients buyers/sellers).

Upon completion of this course, the participant will have learned;
• Geography of Asia & which countries our clients are coming from
• Geographic characteristics & differences in customer behaviors in Japan
• Japanese-­‐‑style client relationship
• The Metric World
• How to bow appropriately in a business situation with Japanese clients
• How to properly conduct Business Card Exchange with Japanese counterparts and
• How to conduct meetings with Japanese clients
• Safe topics and dangerous topics to discuss with Japanese clients
• How to make effective presentation to Japanese clients
• How to modify native English to “customer-­‐‑friendly” English for Japanese clients
• Do’s & Don’ts with Japanese clients
• Japanese-­‐‑style dining etiquettes
• How to effectively receive clients from Japan
• Japanese-­‐‑style gift giving
• How to dress appropriately for doing business with Japanese clients
• How to effectively use an interpreter
• Real Estate characteristics and trends in Japan
• Why the Japanese are still coming to Hawaii
• Hawaii’s competitors and Retirement Visa
• How to effectively visit Japan for business purposes
• How to effectively resolve client complaints
• How to understand Japanese “No”
• How to effectively manage conflicts with Japanese clients
• Popular J-­‐‑Biz Proverbs

This course is not currently being offered, please check back later.

Please note:The REC has a new ruling that agents can take the same CE class every other biennium which is different from the old law that stated that agents could never repeat the same class.
>> Check your credited course history and CE status.

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