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Delivering Value To Your Senior Clients and Their Families

Course Type: Elective
Credits: 3

Delivering Value To Your Senior Clients and Their Families

Instructor: Leslie Kobata, R

The "Silver Tsunami" is fast becoming the new normal where seniors are more vital and living much longer thus creating different societal, economic and family challenges. There are additional complexities to this explosive trend in Hawaii given the limited geriatric resources and astronomical expenses asoociated with them. This can become the perfect storms for many families in the Islands so increased Realtor and Associate awareness and education of this situation and the options to deal with it can deliver immense value for each of their clients.

Upon completion of this course, Realtors and Realtor Associates are expected to understand the far reaching impact of this trend and have a talking knowledge of care and retirement options. Realtors will also become familiar with other support resources and where to get help. Class participants will be presented with a practical discussion on the option of technology and how it can be a viable option for seniors to age in place which will include a brief case study.

This course is not currently being offered, please check back later.

Please note:The REC has a new ruling that agents can take the same CE class every other biennium which is different from the old law that stated that agents could never repeat the same class.
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