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Continuing Education - Hawaii Real Estate Classes

Class Location
Unless otherwise noted, classes are held at 1585 Kapiolani Blvd. Ste. 1518. Park at the top level by Macy's (Ala Moana Center.)
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Classes are subject to cancellation although it is a policy of Abe Lee Seminars to hold all classes as much as possible despite low attendance.

Class Prices

  • Standard Elective courses: $45 each
  • Core course: $30 each
  • Ninja Selling Elective courses: $90 each
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   Core A 2017-2018 - Technology: The Good The Bad & The Evil - Instructor Kimo Stone, Esq    Required     3
   Core A 2017-2018 - Technology: The Good The Bad & The Evil - Instructor: Abe Lee    Required     3
   Core B 2017-2018 Agency & the Practice of Dual Agency, & Real Estate Legislative Update    Required     3
   Core B 2017-2018 Agency, Practice of Dual Agency, Real Estate Legislative Update w/Kimo Stone Esq    Required     3

Accounting, Taxation and Real Estate

   All You Need to Know About the 2017 Tax Cuts and Jobs Act (REC approved August 2018)    Elective     3
   Tax Issues For Real Estate: Knowledge is Power    Elective     3
   Taxation and Real Estate: Cover Yourself Play Good Defense (REC approved in 2018)    Elective     3


   AVM's, RVM's and Showing Consumers the Difference (NEW COURSE 2015)    Elective     3
   Cloud Computing And Mobile Technology for The Real Estate Agent    Elective     3
   Computers, Internet and the Licensee    Elective     3
   Intermediate Internet Research    Elective     3
   Technology In Real Estate: Using Digital Signatures (NEW COURSE 2015)    Elective     3
   Technology Trends Impacting the Real Estate Industry (NEW COURSE OCT 2016)    Elective     3
   The Impact of Mobile Technology on Real Estate    Elective     3
   Tools To Manage Your Real Estate Transactions: Zipform Plus(TM), ZiptTms(TM)and Docusign(TM)    Elective     3


   Commercial Transactions and Contracts (NEW COURSE 2015)    Elective     3
   How To Write Good Contracts I (New Course 2016)    Elective     3
   How To Write Good Contracts II (New Course 2016)    Elective     3
   How To Write Good Contracts III (New Course 2016)    Elective     3
   Purchase Contract 3.0    Elective     3
   Revised Contracts Part I    Elective     3
   Revised Contracts Part II    Elective     3
   Revised Contracts Part III    Elective     3

Escrow and Title

   A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Title Insurance    Elective     3
   Escrow, Title and Appraisals    Elective     3
   Understanding The Escrow Process in Real Estate (NEW COURSE 2015)    Elective     3

Green Building Movement

   Green and EPA    Elective     3
   Green Buildings    Elective     3
   Introduction to Green Movement    Elective     3

Land Use, Condominiums, Developments, Inspections

   Basic of Condo Governance, Owners' Rights, Dispute Resolution & Document Production    Elective     3
   Hawaii Land Use Law Related to Cultural Resources    Elective     3
   Inspections, Maintenance & Warranties    Elective     3
   Permits, Permits and more Permits Researching Building Permits & 25+ Other Permits Handbook    Elective     3
   Plan Reading & Construction Documentation (New Course 03/2018)    Elective     3
   Sticks Bricks and Steel Understanding Plans & Construction Methods    Elective     3
   Surveys, Termite and Home Inspections: Rats, Roach    Elective     3
   The Condominium Development Process    Elective     3
   Understanding the Land Use Ordinance: C&C of Honolulu    Elective     3
   Zoning-Issues, Problems, Questions, Answers    Elective     3


   (NEW 9/16)Beyond Hawaii Land History 101-The Mahele, Cultural Practices & the Bureau of Conveyances    Elective     3
   American Warrior Real Estate Professional    Elective     3
   Communication is the Key (NEW CE CLASS 2016)    Elective     3
   Delivering Value To Your Senior Clients and Their Families    Elective     3
   First Steps to Homeownership    Elective     3
   Introduction to Commercial Real Estate    Elective     3
   J-Biz Protocol    Elective     3
   Knowledge on the New VA Home Loan Benefits for the Real Estate Licensees    Elective     3
   Professionalism: Part One    Elective     3
   Where You Wen Grad? Owning Land and Doing Business in Hawai'i    Elective     3
   zTest Course for Timed Modules    Elective     0

Mortgages, Foreclosures, Home Buying Process

   Financial Guide for New Homebuyers    Elective     3
   HUD, VA (Non)Judicial Foreclosures    Elective     3
   Judicial Foreclosure Basics (REC Approved 02/01/2017)    Elective     3
   Mortgages, FNMA, FICO, ETC.    Elective     3

Ninja Training

   Ninja Selling Business Plan (Newly Approved by REC 2017)    Elective     6
   Ninja Selling System Introduction (Newly Approved by REC 2017)    Elective     6
   Ninja Selling Vision Values and Goals (Newly Approved by REC 2017)    Elective     6

Property Management

   Property Management of Condominium and Community Associations    Elective     3
   Rental Property Management    Elective     3

Real Estate Law, Tax Issues

   Advanced Issues and Strategies for IRC Section 1031 Tax Deferred Exchanges (New 2016)    Elective     3
   Agency 3.0    Elective     3
   Disclosure 3.0    Elective     3
   Estate Planning and Real Estate (NEW CE COURSE 2017)    Elective     3
   IRC & 1031 Exchanges - Key Concepts and Advanced Topics in Today's Market    Elective     3
   Issues In Representing Foreign Investors    Elective     3
   Issues in Representing Foreign Investors(LAST CLASSROOM OFFERING OF THIS COURSE IN 2018)    Elective     3
   Judicial System and Real Estate (NEW COURSE 2015)    Elective     3
   Mediation, Arbitration, Litigation    Elective     3
   Money Laundering in The Real Estate Industry    Elective     3
   Navigating the DPP and Tax Web Sites (NEW COURSE 2015)    Elective     3