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Your Instructor

Who is my Instructor?

Abe Lee Seminars provides you with an instructor whose wealth of knowledge has been accrued and implemented over a thirty-five year period of realty interactions. His name is Abe Lee, and he has been providing real estate education in Hawaii since 1984. Abe Lee sets the level of mastery for each course based on your state's requirements, ensuring that you meet the education requirements for your state.

After enrollment you will receive a welcome letter from your instructor which will include his contact information. You will be able to contact your instructor via phone, voicemail, fax, email and regular mail. He may also provide an orientation telephone conference call with you, upon your request.

During your enrollment your instructor regularly reviews your progress via test results and with other instructors. Student evaluations submitted by students who have completed the course(s) provides additional comparisons. He will also contact you periodically to insure your successful completion of your course(s).

Abe Lee Seminars Instructors are required to continually upgrade their knowledge base and skills, which translates to an up-to-date education for you. Abe Lee Seminars also provides real estate continuing education to its instructors, and there are local opportunities available to keep Instructors' computer skills updated. Abe Lee Seminars has on record the Distance Learning Professional certification. {Available in written form upon request}