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Tax Issues For Real Estate: Knowledge is Power

Course Type: Elective
Credits: 3

Instructor: Harold Berman, JD is a tax attorney and tax consultant on Maui.
He has over 38 years of experience in tax law and tax preparation in Hawaii.
Learn about important tax issues that concern all Real Estate Professionals:

  • Making tax law a marketing tool
  • Tax issues that affect all real estate transactions
  • Red lights that alert you to tax problems and issues
  • Taking advantage of being a real estate professional
  • How to stay out of trouble and still pay the least amount of taxes
  • What you need to know about tax laws
  • Entities in real estate and foreign clients

    Here are comments from a few of past attendees:

    Most entertaining CE class EVER! Laughing while you learn is the ticket! Deb Merle

    Genius, I say, genius! Tim Bouliane

    Awesome! Who knew 3 hours of tax info could be so enjoyable? N. Banks

    The class was sensational. Important information. Timely. Funny. Engaging. Informative. Worth the time and money. Elizabeth Wood

    This class was informative and well worth the time spent. Harold knows his stuff and is an entertaining speaker. As far as I know, this is the only class, CE or otherwise, that is geared to real estate tax issues and contains tips and info we all should be aware of. Bob Lightbourn

    ***Minimum of 30 attendees are requested by the instructor in order for the class to be held*** Instructor charges $55 for this class***

    This course is not currently being offered in the classroom, please check back later.

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    Please note:The REC has a new ruling that agents can take the same CE class every other biennium which is different from the old law that stated that agents could never repeat the same class.
    >> Check your credited course history and CE status.

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