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  • Course Description:

      Course Objectives: Upon completion of this course, you will be able to:
    • Identify real estate-related bills passed by the legislature in 2023.
    • Identify the laws and regulations pertaining to mandatory seller disclosures in real estate
    • Recall the definition of "material fact" under statutory and common law.
    • Recall the requirements of disclosure of material facts in residential real estate transactions
      in Hawaii.
    • Recall the legal elements of a disclosure statement required by HRS chapter 508D.
    • Identify forms and types of disclosures in Hawaii.
    • Recall the application of Hawaii property disclosure to licensees engaged in property


  • Course Description: This class will show how technology is helping to manage the real estate transactions through the use of the three applications.
    Instructor: Robin Sagadraca


  • Course Description: Part 1 will discuss the importance of well-written contracts and go over details in a listing contract and paragraphs A to D in the Purchase Contract.

  • Course Description: This course will explain paragraphs E to I in the Purchase Contact and go into detail about what each paragraph means. Property details, inclusions, closing dates, extensions, closing costs, title report, cash funds, and financing details, and disclosures are explained.

  • Course Description: This course will cover paragraphs J to I & other documents that agents should know. Property inspections, warranties, staking, survey, encroachments, termite inspections, homeowners & condo documents, rentals, termination, HARPTA, FIRPTA, etc will be discussed.


  • A Real Estate Agent's Guide to Title Insurance - Is title insurance necessary? How are my clients covered? In this class the agent will learn the role of title insurance in the real estate transaction. Also, the agent will learn how title insurance works and examine common title insurance policies. Case studies and stories based on real-life events will illustrate how actual consumers benefitted from title insurance coverage and the consequences of not being covered.

  • Course Description: VA Home Loans with expert Tony Diaz

    Ninja Training:

  • Course Description: Ninja Selling Business Plan is the third and last class in this series of CE classes. Learn how the most productive company in real estate in America has developed a system to help clients buy and sell real estate. Ninjas don't sell real estate, they are proactive trusted advisors and have a system to help clients. This class will teach you about the Monday Morning Agenda, 13 Weekly Routines for Success, 25 Point Business Plan, How to Find Clients with Changes in Their Lives, etc., that will help you be more effective in creating value for your clients. Public is welcome to attend all of our CE classes.

  • Course Description: Ninja Selling is a powerful one day seminar which is modeled after the methods and philosophy of one of the most successful real estate companies in the country. Using unique processes, systems, and dialogues that they have developed, The Group, Co. Inc., of Northern Colorado with 245 partners, averages 44+ transactions per year per agent, without "cold-calling", working with strangers, expired's or For Sale By Owners, and they help each other become wealthy.

  • Course Description: Ninja Selling Vision Values and Goals builds upon the career- and life-changing ideas from the number one real estate company nationwide in average agent production that you find in Ninja Selling I. You'll learn about "Self-Image Development," "Getting Your Life in Balance," "Values Clarification," "Writing Affirmations," "NLP"--- understanding your processing modalities, "Goal Setting," "Feature to Benefit Interviewing Process" and "Advanced Time Management."

    Real Estate Law, Tax Issues:

  • Course Description: This class covers the basics of 1031 Deferred Exchanges and Delayed, Reverse, Improvement, Personal Property, and Simultaneous Exchanges. This class will cover many advanced issues such as Related Party transactions, Partnership Distributions, Contract Language, Refinancing, Vacation Homes, FIRPTA, HARPTA, and much more. All licensees should be aware of the complexities of the exchanges and the stringent rules that govern the exchange process.

  • Course Description: A real estate licensee's guide to government: helpful tips to understand how each level of government and various departments impact the transfer of real estate in Hawaii with references to the Purchase Contract.
    Instructor: Mike Imanaka

    Course Description:
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