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How to Get Your Hawaii Real Estate License

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Just follow these steps!

1: Am I Eligible?

Hawaii Real Estate Licensing Eligibility Requirements:
  • Age: 18 or older
  • Education: High School or equivalent
  • Citizenship: U.S. citizen/national or authorized to work in the U.S.

    >> All State Requirements

2: Course Options:

  • Independent Study Course - $475
    Looking to get your Hawaii Real Estate License but can't fit class times in your schedule?
    Includes: Course + textbook, supplemented by class audio, videos and online test modules.

  • Live Webinar - $500
    Do you do better on a set schedule in classroom environment?

3: How Long is the Course?

  • 60 instructional hours are required by the Hawaii Real Estate Commission

  • Independent Study students will need to log and certify their study times with the following. >> Learn more

    Read Your Textbook
    Principles and Practices of Real Estate

    Watch or Listen to Class
    Class Audio and Video are available

    Independent Study Course:
    Introduction Audio
    Test Your Progress
    Take a series of online tests.
    Score more than 70% to progress.

4: Taking the Course Final

  • Take the test and pass with 70% or higher.

  • If you Fail the exam - take it again! You are allowed to take the part of the test that you failed one more time.
    If you fail the second time, you will have to repeat the course at no extra charge.

5: Pass the Course - Congratulations! Take the State Exam

  1. Register with Department of Commerce and Consumer Affairs (DCCA)

  2. You will be emailed a certification of completion of course

  3. Take the State Exam with PSI Exams

    • Schedule your State Exam: www.psiexams.com or 1-800-733-9267
    • You must take the final exam within 2 years of issuance of certificate of course completion
    • The State exam has 2 parts: Uniform and State Law.
      • You must pass both with a score of 70% or higher.
      • If you fail either portion - try again! You will only have to retake the portion you failed.

6: Pass the State Exam - Apply for Your License!

You did it!! Apply for a license with the Hawaii DCCA within 2 years to get your Hawaii Real Estate License.