Independent Study - Getting Started

Completing the course and getting your License

Welcome to the independent study course by Abe Lee Seminars! This course is certified for the Hawaii real estate licensing requirements.

Below is an outline of the process required to complete the independent study course.

Step 1: Orientation

Get Your Study Materials

*****These forms are a part of the requirements for the course and will need to be turned in*****

Step 2: Study!

Note: Please review the math handout before taking the modules. Math questions are placed randomly throughout the modules as there is no defined math section in the textbook.

>> Check for recent updates in Hawaii Real Estate law here.

Step 3: Prepare for the Course Final

Step 4: Taking The Course Final

Step 5a: If you Fail the exam

You are allowed to take the part of the test that you failed one more time. If you fail the second time, you will have to repeat the course at no extra charge.

Step 5b: If you score 70% or higher on the exam

Step 6: You've Passed the State Exam!

Upon successful completion of Salesperson exam you (must apply for a license) in writing within two years of the exam date, or your test scores will be declared invalid, and you must retake the test and the course to obtain an updated certificate of course completion. It is possible to apply for a license and have it placed directly on "inactive" status, but the same licensing fees are required.