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Online Pre-licensing Process

Welcome to the independent study course by Abe Lee Seminars! This course is certified for the Hawaii real estate licensing requirements. Thank you for your interest in improving your real estate abilities.

Below is an outline of the process required to complete the independent study course.

Step 1: Orientation

*****These forms are a part of the requirements for the course and will need to be turned in*****

Step 2: Study!

Class Audio Available

Logged-In Students of the Abe Lee Seminars Independent Study class may access audio archives of the pre-licensing course.

Note: Please review the math handout before taking the modules. Math questions are placed randomly throughout the modules as there is no defined math section in the textbook.

>> Check for recent updates in Hawaii Real Estate law here.

Step 3: Prepare for the Course Final

Step 4: Taking The Course Final

Step 5a: If you Fail the exam

You are allowed to take the part of the test that you failed one more time. If you fail the second time, you will have to repeat the course at no extra charge.

Step 5b: If you score 70% or higher on the exam

  • Register with Department of Commerce and Consumer Affair(DCCA):
    https://mypvl.dcca.hawaii.gov/ - Click on "Sign Up"

    We will need to report you using the email you use to register in the DCCA system. If it's different from the one on your Prelicensing Independent Study Course account with Abe Lee Seminars, please email abeleeseminarsinfo@gmail.com the email address on DCCA files. If we do not have the correct email address the system will not recognize it and will not allow a certificate to be created.
  • Either mail, fax or email the following back to Abe Lee Seminars

    1. Completed Study Log of 60 hours of reading, reviewing and online work
    2. Certification of Course Final Proctor
    Our Mailing address is:

    Abe Lee Seminars
    1130 N. Nimitz Hwy B-293
    Honolulu, Hawaii 96817

    Fax number: 888-678-6592

    Email address: AbeLeeSeminarsInfo@Gmail.com

  • You will be emailed a certification of completion of course, please allow up to 10 business days for processing from the time we receive all the correct paperwork.

    Expedited Option: For an additional $50 we will complete the certificate within 24 hours from receiving the 2 forms below correctly filled out paperwork - this does not include after hours on Friday, weekends or holidays. Click here to Expedite

    1. Completed Study Log of 60 hours of reading, reviewing and online work
    2. Certification of Course Final Proctor
    Your email address must be current and the certificate will be emailed to the registered address. If there are any changes to the email address, you must notify the office immediately by emailing abeleeseminarsinfo@gmail.com. email address updates must be in writing (email is fine).


    Delays with the mail system could disrupt your test schedule. We are not responsible for delays or payments lost with PSI Exams. All paperwork and affidavits must be turned into ALS and once you receive the certificate, schedule the state exam.

  • Take the State Final with PSI Exams
    1. Schedule your State Exam: www.psiexams.com or 1-800-733-9267
    2. You must take the final exam within 2 years of issuance of certificate of course completion
    3. The State exam has 2 parts: Uniform and State Law, you must pass both with a score of 70% or higher.
    4. If you fail either portion - try again! If you pass one portion and fail the other, you will only have to retake the portion you failed.

Step 6: You’ve Passed the State Exam!

Upon successful completion of Salesperson exam you (must apply for a license) in writing within two years of the exam date, or your test scores will be declared invalid, and you must retake the test and the course to obtain an updated certificate of course completion. It is possible to apply for a license and have it placed directly on "inactive" status, but the same licensing fees are required.

If you have further questions or concerns about any material listed here please contact Abe Lee Seminars using any method listed below.

US Mail:
Abe Lee Seminars
1130 N. Nimitz Hwy B-293
Honolulu, Hawaii 96817
Email for more information:
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